Crisis Coaching offers various levels of service to the global community.

FREE Basic

  • FREE handouts
  • FREE publications
  • FREE links to websites we have used in our research, that we feel will support you in your time of need
  • FREE webinars and videos (watch  for "coming soon")


Special Reports, Hand-Outs,  eBooks, and Books

  • These are one-off purchases available to the general public and for businesses, and nonprofits.

For volume discounts, please contact us.


Key Note Speaker /  Live Events

  • Occasionally, we do "free" live events.
  • Usually, our live appearances are:

- Ticket-based for full training
- Keynote speaker events
-  Appearances at multiple speaker events

For information on booking Caesi Bevis, Author, Speaker, Trainer, or one of our other recommended speakers, please contact us.


Corporate Support Coaching for Key or Essential Employees

Please contact us for further information. See form at the bottom of this page.


Private Coaching:

  • We offer a subscription membership program for crisis training. Our members have access to live and stored web -based training, as well as Members can ask questions related to their unique situations.
  • On a very limited basis, we do work with clients directly on their unique situations outside of our webinars.


If you would like us to co-host a training event for your company, OR you have employees who need support assistance and coaching through a difficult time / family emergency, please also drop us an email at 


Regrettably, we are not able to offer "done for you" services.  This means "we are not a concierge service" - we can't make life - care-crisis or life-ending decisions for you, or your loved ones, act as your Healthcare or General Power of Attorney, or arrange travel or accommodations for you.
Our purpose and vision is to help you get facts and answers that you need as fast as possible, so that at a tough emotional time, you are the best prepared as possible to deal with your crisis.  Because we have walked this path, with our fellow sisters and brothers, as well as interviewed professional others,  as a support community we come together to support each other, and streamline the "accessing of information". In this way, many times rather than you having to make a long distance call and be on-hold for hours, this may be information we already have in file, and can help you move forward faster.
We are not lawyers, insurance agents, accountants, nor medical professionals. We can only direct you to where you may find a list of these professionals that you can call and do your own due diligence and reference-checking.
We cannot make legal, medical, or insurance decisions for you. We can "arm you for the battle for information" but we can't fight your war for you. In most crisis situations, "transparency of information" is an ongoing problem.
Our goal is to help make crisis situations more transparent, so that our fellow community members can make better decisions, faster, from love.
We carefully select our Affiliates which are listed on this website. We may from time to time make a modest commission if you purchase a product or service through one of our Affiliates. While we love the Affiliates we have chosen, we encourage you to 1) due your own "due diligence" as you wish, such as reference -checking, and 2) to  be aware of any program, products, or service guarantees that they offer to client/ customers. Our Affiliates are independent from us. We do not hold any legal partnership or ownership with these Affiliate companies, other than at times doing co-marketing.
Bevis Consulting owns the program Crisis Coaching. We also have other programs and will state these affiliations as appropriate.
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