Products, founded by published research writer, keynote speaker, content creator, and trainer,  Caesi Bevis is delivered by Bevis Consulting. 

Caesi Bevis,is recognized both in the U.S. and Canada as a Futurist tracking' breaking social -economic news stories which serve the Caregiver, Powers of Attorney, and Estate Planners and Settlers community  general public and Members of Crisis Coaching ( She was a featured Futurist on television in Canada and has been published in both the U.S. and Canada. She has consulted on government -related projects in both countries. (U.S.: Interpretation of  the Americans with Disabilities Act  and in Canada: consulting on pending Bills before Legislature, the pending Bill to create a national organ donor registry, and also the national immigration policy forum.) She founded and was President of the Board for Tiger's Eye Society for 10 years. Members primarily were living with permanent disabilities or their caregivers.

Crisis-Coaching's Crisis Planning and Training Core Program was created based on her many years of research, as well as seeing the need from her first-hand experience dealing with her parent's medical, caregiver, and later estate settlement issues first out of state (west coast to mid west) and later from out of country. As an adult only child, she felt a "calling" to create a training manual or program that would make this path "way easier" for the next person. She didn't want one more person to lose their career or job, have emotional and physical burn-out,  or face the same mental challenges she faced - if she could make a difference. Out of this, was born.

Caesi felt she had a voice and could call together other industry experts to help create a national and cross border dialogue that could help so many people save time when faced with a family crisis or sudden death in the family.

Crisis-Coaching: Crisis Planning and Training Core Program

Crisis-Coaching offers a 1 year (+ 6 months for the inaugural course as we load our reference library) planning and training support course. There are four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Course Details: Crisis-Coaching Overview Crisis Planning and Training Core Program



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