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Crisis Coaching Membership

Crisis Coaching Membership is an annual -based membership. There is one mini trial membership, which is free to the general public. There are four paid types of membership:

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Corporate / Group (Minimum of 6 Key or Essential Employees)
  • VIP (For wage earners over $200,000/ annual gross income per person and / or proof of off-shore assets). (This membership information covers international estates and issues that of more interest to wage earners at this level, that would likely be "boring" to others who do not have this need. )

Delivery Type:

"Drip" content / "Evergreen:"  - This means that the course will deliver in a one-at-a-time format, so that we can update to include breaking news as part of the content.

"Evergreen" means that since we monitor breaking news in U.S. and Canada, we are including news and stories that may be useful or of interest as the stories break.

Membership Includes:

  • Surveys - We start you off with a survey so you can assess where you are right now in relationship to discussions with your aging parents on their wishes and decisions. Throughout the course, when appropriate, we will also ask your opinion on course issues and current events.


  • Web-based training videos - View training videos 24/7 once posted, at your own pace. We also have videotaped interviews with guest expert speaker-trainers. These speaker-trainers may also incorporated multi-media in their presentation.


  • Self-Testing quizes - You can check how much information you are retaining, and re-take web videos if need be.


  • Multi-media - From time to time we include external video clips, PDFs, articles, etc. that help you have a more in-depth study experience.


  • Text - Articles and research white papers are written specifically for our Membership.


  • PDFs - As we continue to discover PDFs that are on topic and useful for you for a deeper study, you can enjoy these, as well.


  • Private Members  Groups - Members will have an opportunity to meet other members through online groups. Members often can help each other also by supporting one another through a tough time.


  • Audio - Podcasts, and short audio over Power Point recordings. In the future, our books will be available as audio books.


  • Download  - Included are study materials you can download if you wish.


  • Presentation - Some of our topics will be presented in audio over Power Point.


  • Exams and Certification - Some of our Members may wish to pursue becoming certified to show completion of this Course. Advance certification will give a Member the right to teach the course on a Partnership / Affiliate basis, after passing a qualifying background check.

For companies wanting more information on membership rates: please email us at

For Individuals and Families:, please email us with your contact information at

For VIP memberships: please email us at:

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