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Thank You Landmark Sponsors:

Thank you for your Sponsorship for Crisis Coaching.  As the Founder, Researcher, and Content Creator, as well as a Healthcare Lobbyist for the U.S. and Canada I take a stand to protect adult children of aging parents.

Thank you for joining me, and supporting me at such a critical time. You are not only helping save this groundbreaking program, which already is saving lives, but also possibly making a life-saving difference in my own life since I was evacuated for the recent and ongoing Thomas Fire in California.  (Warning to you if you ever get in this situation  - sleeping upright in a vehicle can create life-threatening disabilities quickly. You must sleep lying down - or at least elevate your legs. )

Your Receipt will come from PayPal. It will say it is from Bevis Consulting & Productions. This is the "umbrella account" for Crisis Coaching.



My Crisis Coaching Stand:

  • Abuse stays in the past: No more adult children who were victims of abuse by a parent have to return to become a Case Manager or Caregiver or face possible criminal consequences of "abandonment" of an elderly person.  Instead, we stand united to have ongoing training for setting up state/ provincial conservatorships / committees, guardianships.


  • Student Caregivers have Exit Plans: Children and teens growing up as caregivers are taught how to create a possibilities -based "exit plan" - where their parent with disabilities continues to have quality care, and the teen can go on to university or job training, and on with their possibility -based life. We train and teach empowerment.


  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs Thrive, Not Dive!: When workers start taking work time for personal calls related to caregiving, it affects businesses. When they start taking half days, extended vacations, use up sick days and need more time off, or a leave of absence, it affects businesses. Instead, we train employees on how to make the case management set up process faster, more productive, and protect careers, jobs, financial stability, and assets, and family relationships.


  • Create Equal Access for ALL Trained Assistant Animals - Regardless of Type, Breed, or Whether for Physical or Emotional Support: As is, front -lined non-medical staff at hotels and restaurants are passing judgment and making decisions on even returning Veterans using dogs for PTSD support because PTSD is considered an "emotional disability" not a physical one. Any well-behaved support animal under firm control by the owner should have access to accompany the owner. End embarrassing confrontations between manager and person with disabilities when one manager will not support the decision made by the "last shift" manager.


  • Say, "NO!"  to Bog and Fog: Take a stand with me that we CAN reduce redundant paperwork, forms, and contracts that are way - too - long. We CAN create transparency on aging and end this "fog" that hurts seniors, elderly, and is so time =consuming for adult children. Say, "NO!" to the excessive 'run-around.'


Crisis Coaching supports all Americans and Canadians. 



Feel free to call me at 805-304-0109 , if you have further questions.

Welcome aboard.


Caesi Bevis


$1000 (Receive two passes to the Crisis Coaching Training Program Each Value: $3795 - One year)


$750 (Receive one pass to the Crisis Coaching Training Program: Value: $3795 - One year)

$500 (Choice of two modules - Value: $700)

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