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Thank you for your Pre-Order of U.S. Hotel Traveler's Guide - "Insider Money-Saving Secrets" - "100+ Tips for 2-3-4 Star Hotels"

 Hi, There,

Thank you for your Pre-Order of our Hotel Book. We hope you enjoy it and learn many tips to help make your travels more enjoyable, as well as help you to save money, time, and alleviate some or all of your hotel frustrations .

Your book receipt should be in your email from PayPal.

When we finish with final edits and it is off to the printer, the digital version will be available first. If you order the digital version, it will arrive by an email link for download.

The printed copy takes about three weeks for us to receive it back from the printer, after it arrives there. On the other side of this, if you are domestic U.S., plan for up to two weeks for it to arrive due to holiday mail. (2017 - Christmas season).

If you have any other questions, please email us. It's the fastest and easiest way to reach us.

Feel free to contact us:



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