Crisis Coaching

Crisis Coaching: "One-Stop" Crisis Risk Mitigation Training for Professionals

Training. Lobbying. Research & Analysis, Forecasting. Keynotes, Expert Witness.

Launched Crisis Coaching Course Modules


Risk Mitigation and Management -  7 hour  course

Optional: May lead to Certification / Optional Testing

Risk Mitigation & Management - HOLIDAY DISCOUNT  $149 (Regular fee: $349)  (click this link)

Are you the best one in your family suited to be the designated Case Manager or Caregiver if there is a family crisis with your aging parents? Take this course and self-evaluate yourself and decide who in your family has the least risk, or perhaps it will take you acting as a team, or working with your parent to re-home mom or dad into assisted living.

We do not make the decisions for you, but we give you the tools to assess your situation. You are no longer "alone" going through this. We are a stand for transparency and ending redundant/ excessive paperwork.


Our full-year training is also available on over 12 different learning tracks: Check out our Power Point presentation on Crisis Coaching Core Program Modules (Link).

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