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U.S. Hotel Travelers' Money-Saving Guide (Fall 2017-18)

100+ Tips for 2-3-4 Star Hotels for a More Peaceful and Better Quality Stay

Author: Caesi Bevis, (Freelance) Top Contributor, Trip Advisor Senior and Disabled Travel Consultant through Crisis Coaching

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Highlights of the Book

Industry Introduction

  • Hospitality Industry Background and Statistics
  • Classifications Systems (Licensing, Number and Types of Rooms, Amenity Keys, Star Ratings, Pricing) - Star Rating System Defined

How to Save Money

  • When Booking your Room Stays
  • On Parking and Resort Fees
  • By Earning Extra Loyalty Program Points
  • Membership Programs

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Money Management

  • Best Ways to Pay for the Least Accounting Problems
  • Lifting of Authorizations so Money is Not "Tied Up"

Guest Services: Front Desk to Management, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Corporate Guest Relations

  • How to Receive "Best Quality" Service
  • Best Service Practices Experienced
  • What is the Norm?

Purpose-Based Travel

  • Matching Your Purpose to Selecting Your Hotel

Safety Tips

  • In and Around the Hotel

Problem Solving

  • Avoid Being a Victim of Advertising "Gimics"
  • Problems with Third-World Country Booking Agents
  • When Your Stay Goes Really Bad...Can You Get a Comped Room?
  • Trip Insurance - Worth It?


  • Tips for Long Term / Extended Stays (No taxes, Negotiating Better Rates)
  • Tips on "Name Your Own Price" (R) Priceline
  • Tips on "Figuring Out the TV" - when the Channel Guide in the Room is Often Wrong
  • Guest Laundry Tips

Service Animal and Support Animal Tips:

  • From dangling wires and beds that children, pets and service animals can get stuck under, and other safety issues


  • Future of Hospitality Industry


  • Federal and State Legislation Links
  • Hotel Reservation Links
  • Booking Portals
  • Long Term Stay Options
  • Travel Packages

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