Crisis Coaching

"Healthcare Risk Mitigation" for Professionals with Aging Parents & Special Needs Siblings

“Check!  - Take Back Your Power"

Topic Abstract: Risk mitigation during medical treatment + Patients' rights issues.

“Check!  - Take Back Your Power" on how to protect yourself when accessing healthcare in the U.S., is due out in late Spring 2017. This book may be pre-ordered. See the link below

Included in this book:

  • Check Out” Your Doctor & Nurses BEFORE You “Check In
  • Know ‘Red Flags’ at your “Check Up
  • Check On” Your Parent’s Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals
  • Take a “Rain Check” on Over Medication and Unnecessary Procedures
  • Check Into” Better Medical Options
  • Call, “Check Mate!” on Bad Doctors, Nurses & Bad Facilities
  • End “Blank Checks” for Cosmetic & Off-Book Procedures & Surgeries
  • Do “Checks and Balances” when Medical Boards Fail

“Check!  - Take Back Your Power" will retail for $32.95 when released. For a limited time, you may pre-order this book for $19.99 U.S.

Your payment will show up on your statement as Bevis Consulting, the parent company for the Crisis Coaching program.


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