Fire Evacuation

Some of your may be wondering why I am not posting's been "interesting." I thought Crisis Coaching had had some challenges but the latest three have rolled over to be very challenging. The Thomas Fire / Rye Fire (Santa Paula, CA - Ventura, CA now threatening Montecito and Santa Barbara - 250,000 acres and counting...burning now about 11 days - I've actually lost count...) smoke flowing into Simi Valley, CA forced my evacuation. Breathing was just becoming too challenging with the thick smoke. It wasn't always thick, but the winds kept shifting and when it was bad it was bad.

Decided to tough it out and stay in my van - evacuating with my cat - because friends I knew were either evacuating, too, or not in a position to put another person up. The shelter was at Ventura County Fairgrounds - more smoke area. It is full and so is the animal holding shelter.

So Blossom, my traveling medical assistant cat, and I headed east and slightly south to the West San Fernando Valley.


I've now learned that sleeping sitting up over a week takes it's toll on the human body. It created other problems - like spiking otherwise low blood pressure and causing edema.  I got a firm warning from ER - get into a place where I can sleep lying down. So much for thinking I could make it through with full van. It also affected a set location to work from as well. So, I mostly have been getting broken sleep by night, some sleep by day, and then working intermittently loading the Crisis Coaching course. I keep telling myself "Be unstoppable." My Mom's saying was, "Be Unsinkable" Okay, Mom - trying to ...."


Flash forward to two days after ER visit and I miss a step going up onto curb to enter ARCO gas station in Woodland Hills. Rounded trash can does not break my fall, and I did a face plant into the plate glass window. Fortunately the glass did not break. I don't look too pretty now. I look banged up. My nose caught most of it, and right cheek and chin. This sucks!


Two days of hotel to recover and back in van. Will keep you posted. There has to be a solution to this.

Meanwhile: Go visit:

I am still loading the rest of the courses for the full year. The Crisis Coaching training platform will be updated on an ongoing basis and courses will be delivered in "drip content" style.

Delivery is via webinars, audio clips, power point, mixed media, documents, downloads, workbooks, and more.

Full course covers: Legal, insurance, navigating healthcare, adult residential care, real estate and repair loans, reverse mortgages, dying and death issues, estate planning and settlement, and cross border/ out of country estate issues.

If you know any adult child who was a victim of abuse, or a student who grew up as a caregiver, or anyone in between who would be potentially wiped out  - their career, job, financial stability, family relationships - this is the ONE STOP training course to help make sure they are protected, and trained as much as possible going into healthcare case management or caregiving and have an exit plan in place before starting.

TOGETHER let's take a stand to "Create Transparency on Aging" in America and Canada. End the Bog and Fog! Reduce redundancy.

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