(research post) ‘”13 Signs of Depression in Men”

“13 Signs of Depression in Men”

 12/1/2017 research post from USA Today - Public Service Information


[Caesi Bevis, Editor Crisis Coaching]

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  1. Report feeling fatigue.
  2. Sleep too much or too little.
  3. Report back ache or stomach ache.
  4. Report chronic pain, digestion disorder.
  5. Acting irritable.
  6. Has difficulty concentration. Psycho-motor retardation - “slows processing of information
  7. Feels angry of acts aggressive.
  8. Shows he is stressed.
  9. Feels anxious, shows anxiety, vs. sad.
  10. May abuse substances, self-medicate.
  11. Has sexual dysfunction
  12. Has inability to make decisions.
  13. Is suicidal.

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