Healthcare Risk Mitigation LIVE EVENT

“Got Parents”?

Mitigate Family Healthcare Risk

San Diego Professionals:


WHEN: June 21, 2017: La Mesa, CA

TIME: 10:30am - 5:30pm

WHERE: Marie Callender's RestaurantMarie Callender’s Restaurant, 6980 Alvarado Rd., San Diego, CA  (La Mesa)

INCLUDES: Lunch, snacks, and handouts


"Welcome / Intro to Crisis Coaching / What to Look for On Offers to Purchase" - Caesi Bevis, MBA, Principle, Crisis Coaching Program

Opening with an introduction to why and how Crisis Coaching came into existence, its mandate and goals. Caesi will review the hidden-in-plain-sight details in listing agreements which can turn into nightmares - fast! She will talk about the experiences from her book which describes her three and a half year nightmare trying to sell off the house she inherited, and the journey through thirteen "crazy" offers, three 'escrow' fall outs, until the final offer where it sold.
Proactively Protecting Your Legal Interests

Have you considered "where you stand legally" when you experience a healthcare emergency in your family? Jennifer Hamme, will share with you horror stories of what can happen when you are not on top of your legal game to protect your interests.
Identity Theft Protection "101"

Would you know if asked right now, what exact steps to take to do your best to protect your identity, as well as how to protect your identity of loved ones? Jennifer Hamme, will share with you horror stories of what can happen when you are not on top of how to protect your name and information, what tools are now available, and what to do when you have a problem - and where you can help seniors and elderly family members without a Power of Attorney for them.
Wargaming: "Senior and Elderly Crisis & Nightmares"

As we grow older, we become more vulnerable. Many seniors and elderly need to lean on other family members to help protect their interests. A crisis rarely comes at a time when other areas of your life are calm. Would you know how to prioritize, save time, money, and assets, and delegate in an emergency? In this segment, you will gain an introduction to Principle of 12(tm) complex decision-making technology that you can not only use your self for work and for personal life, but also teach your family. With Principle of 12(tm), family members can get on the same page faster by having a common languaging system for discussing complex problems that need solving fast.

About Crisis Coaching Membership - Year Long / Ongoing Training:

What Crisis Coaching Covers:

Legal (Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directive, Contracts)
Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, Pre-Needs, and Casualty)
Navigating Healthcare Systems
SSA/ SSI/ SSDI/ Medicare / Cal Dual (Medi-Medi)
Real Estate & Repair or Renovation Loans
"Aging in Place" vs. Adult Residential Care
Estate Planning and Settlement
Dying and Death Issues
Cross Borders and Overseas Issues Estate issues, Customs / Immigration and more)

SEE to RSVP by June 18, 2017


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