Dr. Phil Adds a Face to (alleged) Mental Illness Today

Re-Post from my Post in Variety Online Magazine:

November 18, 2016

As the founder of  ( Healthcare) Crisis Coaching, who stumbled upon Dr. Phil's show with Shelley Duvall's interview today, I watched it. For me, I have to believe Dr. Phil McGraw and show obtained  all legal clearances necessary to do this interview and broadcast it with Shelley's agreement. I am not a lawyer but I am in a legal related field. Note that most likely  if Ms. Duvall has not lost her decision-making rights in court, and does not have a court appointed Conservator, she could approve the interview airing - (check with a lawyer in your state or province to know the laws where you live).

I found the interview to be respectful, professional and where Dr. McGraw did lead Ms. Duvall about 'what movie she liked that she was in', most likely it did not impact the arching psychological impression the viewer was left with that either Ms. Duvall was giving an Oscar level performance or something clearly was off balance and she needs support and help.

This was so educational to watch and hear. She was offered medical and psychiatric help for free.

For someone who may have a family member suffering with similar random - thought access, if the viewer recognized a loved ones traits to be similar, this program today just might have educated the family enough  to help a family step in and get help for someone that they love... Not fear the person, but recognize they are having symptoms that are outside the range of normal and likely need treatment.

Dr. Phil's show may have saved lives today or at least maybe will help improve quality of life for people who have mental illness.

It's long time to bring mental illness out of the shadows and educate the general public. Phrases like "He/ she is crazy!" can be replaced with a more helpful comment / explanation to a doctor or ER at a hospital that "He / she is saying things that do not make sense." The illness or disability is NOT the person, anymore than having the flu or cancer "is" the person.

Something you may need to know if you take someone to an ER: generally speaking a 72 hour psych hold will only be issued if someone is talking about hurting themselves or others, and lastly only if the hospital has room available - if the person can no longer do self care. Mental health at hospitals "turnstile " patients often... Not admitting them long enough to stabilize the person in psychotropic meds. If the person has schizophrenia, there may be a strong resistance to taking prescribed meds, and the person may be better off in an in -patient treatment facility until stabilized.

Secondly, I hope that one outcome of the show is that the entertainment industry will bring in more mental health support for actors and crew who work on paranormal and/ or "scary" films.

We can point to drug overdoses and suicides related to such film-making.

For me, personally, I don't think of these film as "entertainment." I feel if someone is the least susceptible / vulnerable to psychic experiences - some may call psychic attacks, or Clairvoyant or Clairaudient, these films open access to those experiences.

If someone is possibly bipolar or schizophrenic - viewing such films might be dangerous. That's my hypothesis.

Being creative in the dark side of energies draws certain dark energies to someone, I believe. (I grew up in a house most people would have considered "haunted.")

My heart goes out to Ms. Duvall and her family as well as other caregivers. I hope she can feel the love people have for her as a person, not just as an actor. Her life has value. I hope she can find the help she needs and find peace going forward in as much recovery as possible.

Thank you, Dr. Phil. You serve people well. You change lives.

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