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Crisis Coaching Disability Access for Hotels and Restaurants

Principal Caesi Bevis is a "Level 6" (Sr. Contributor) for Trip Advisor,  began doing hospitality, tourism, venues, and event access assessments in March 1998. For the past five years, she has freelanced written for Trip Advisor.

Whenever she travels, most often she is conducting accessibility reviews based on the Americans with Disabilities Act for hospitality industry properties as a courtesy at properties.

Clarification for Hospitality / Tourism Properties:

There is a fine line in communication  between a property 'offering an incentive' for a review to purely a reviewer,  and a Professional Disability Access Consultant/ Reviewer requesting a "media comp" in lieu of payment for an appraisal or review of a property for disability access.

To be clear, while Crisis Coaching "does not charge" for an accessibility review of a property, whereas an architect or appraisal would charge, and would charge rates in most cases much higher than the going rate of the room.  Therefore, we "comply and operate within ethical guidelines" when reviewing a property for access issues, as well as shooting photos or video which a property could use to promote itself.

Today, Caesi Bevis has a consistent readership of 25,000+ on Trip Advisor (Writing as "Waystation 49")  and over 3800 on FaceBook, 560+ on Twitter, and  on other social media platforms.

Our target readership are professionals  between 35-55, and many times traveling with family or older parents, or special needs siblings. Or - they themselves may be living with a disability.

Please see Trip Advisor for more information on reviews Caesi Bevis wrote.

Traveling now with Ms. Blossom Bevis, (cat "critic extraordinaire" and authority on pet accessible rooms!) she is "checking" to make sure that there are no holes in walls or other ways pets could slip out, or be hurt, while owners sleep.

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