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Principal Caesi Bevis is a Federal Healthcare lobbyist.  She answers behests for government appointed and elected officials, and responds to "breaking news" that affects delivery of or use of healthcare systems.

As a professional writer, keynote speaker, and content creator for Crisis Coaching, she monitors breaking news stories for U.S. and Canada, as well as worldwide.

Her passions included working on Aging in America (and Canada) issues - especially positions of government to "age in place" (stay in your home) which she believes mislead aging seniors to believe that this is the "only" plan. Reality is - less than 25% of seniors or elderly will be able to remain in home until death.

Caesi Bevis' motto is Say, "NO!" to Bog and Fog. Stop the endless redundancy of paperwork and end the confusing paperwork, as well as stop making it hard for seniors, elderly, and people who are not familiar with the Internet to be able to source information fast and efficiently.

As a federal healthcare lobbyist for Crisis Coaching, Caesi Bevis does not receive a salary for this work. All of her work is supported either directly, or indirectly, through donations and sponsorships.

If you are able to contribute or sponsor, donations and sponsorship are always welcomed, appreciated and needed.


“Check!  - Take Back Your Power" on how to protect yourself when accessing healthcare in the U.S., is due out in late spring 2107. This book may be pre-ordered. See the link below and to the right in the opt-in. Included in this book:

  • Check Out” Your Doctor & Nurses BEFORE You “Check In
  • Know ‘Red Flags’ at your “Check Up
  • Check On” Your Parent’s Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals
  • Take a “Rain Check” on Over Medication and Unnecessary Procedures
  • Check Into” Better Medical Options
  • Call, “Check Mate!” on Bad Doctors, Nurses & Bad Facilities
  • End “Blank Checks” for Cosmetic & Off-Book Procedures & Surgeries
  • Do “Checks and Balances” when Medical Boards Fail

“Check!  - Take Back Your Power" will retail for $32.95 when released. For a limited time, you may pre-order this book for $19.99 U.S.

Your payment will show up on your statement as Bevis Consulting, the parent company for the Crisis Coaching program.


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