Crisis Coaching  - Core Training Program

Who It's Primarily For:

Basic - If you need more than a discussion group but less than a professional membership, our Basic membership may be what you need to support you through basic case management and caregiving to a family member. Or - if you are retiring soon and just want a headstart on what you might need to know to protect your interests, this membership may a perfect fit - unless you hold substantial assets.

Individual  - Similar to Family except for limited log in to two devices.

Family/ Professional Head of Family - Licensed professionals, key or essential employees, First Responders, business owners, traveling media and journalists and other professionals  - if your world would soon be rocked if you missed a few paychecks, or your job security could be jeopardized by extended time off work, this is for you. Maximum log in devices per household - 6.

Corporate Executive (VIP inner circle membership) - High wage earners over $150,000/ annual income for one person (versus "combined family income") or trust fund holders with high assets, this is for you. Your income class often has unique needs due to how you invest, plan for retirement, travel, trusts, etc. This is your "risk mitigation space" so that you can interact with your income peers in a way that best supports your needs and interests.

Corporate - When your Employer pays for your course  - or - you pay for your course with pre-tax earnings (cafeteria 125 - US), you are eligible for a corporate group discount when a group of six or more professionals sign up for the corporate plan.

NOTE: For corporate employees who have work cafeteria (pre-tax) benefit plans, you may find that Crisis Coaching training qualifies as one of your options. This varies from company to company.


What It Is:  Annual Membership. When you pass the course, you are eligible for an alumni membership.

When Does It Start:  When you are ready and at your own pace.  You have a year to complete the course.

How Is It DeliveredIt is available online, and has suggested outside reading material as well as outside videos. Crisis Coaching also included webinars, conference calls, videos, quizzes, check lists, and more to help train you.



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