Crisis Coaching, also known as crisis-coaching.com, serves any individual or family facing crisis or life-changing events. The Project is under the umbrella of Bevis Consulting.

Additionally, Crisis Coaching also supports business  Human Resource departments assisting employees who are traveling with their work, out of state or province, or out of country.

How We Support Individuals:

Career or Lifestyles Such As:

  • Your lifestyle: you travel out of state / province, or out of country (U.S. or Canada), or live out of state or country from other family members.
  • You are "bi-coastal" or "a snow bird" or "desert rat"  - or live in one state / province or country, and frequently travel to another another state / province or country.
  • You are a traveling journalist or member of media.
  • Self - Employed? This is for you if you have living family members.
  • Maybe you are a professional speaker or trainer.  If you host or train at live events - this is for you!
  • You are a key employee based out of country, or traveling frequently with your work.
  • You are an essential employee based out of country, or traveling frequently with your work.
  • You work across the border (U.S. / Canada) - or - you work across a state or provincial border.
  • You are a Veteran, or the family member of a Veteran, and are unsure how to access benefits.
  • You are a homeowner who needs to make repairs; you need to know grant and loan information.
  • College or university student? Or just starting your career? Life "happens." You may just need this information sooner than you think.
  • Are you a senior and it is up to you to manage life decisions for your spouse, or another family member, for financial reasons? You may likely need this book.

Family System:

  • You are "it". You are either an only child, eldest child - and everyone depends on you to be the decision-maker, or perceived to be the: most available, smartest of everyone, most knowledgeable.  Or your other siblings or family members can't or won't help, or are out of area, or are elderly or disabled, or already on overload with other responsibilities (such as care-giving 24/7 for  a special needs child).
  • Or the person needing care or supports, or who has passed on, has "alienated everyone in the family", and so it "all falls on you to be the go-to person."

Life Events Such As:

  • New Legislation,  such as the U.S. Obamacare or your state insurance exchange, which are affecting you, and you are not clear on fine details which may affect your estate (real estate or investments), or taxes. Learn changes affecting Medicare information and Rules, Regulations and Penalties..
  • You still need to "set up" organized files for your family, designated friend, lawyer, etc., for "where your important papers 'are'", and your wishes should something happen with you.
  • You you need to access benefits information for:  Seniors, Veterans, Homeowners, or People with Permanent Disabilities.
  • Serving as a Caregiver, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Medical Representative, next of kin, family member to a loved one in a care facility (hospital, rehab or skilled nursing facility, long term care, or hospice).
  • You need to access support services and groups.
  • Planning for  the  role of Caregiver, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Medical Representative in the future.
  • Serving as a Trustee on someone's Trust.
  • Serving as Executor / Executrix on someone's Estate.


You Need to Find Out :

  • What to do if you are "out of country"  (U.S. or Canada) when an emergency happens "back home".
  • To plan for a visit for a friend or relative from "out of country". (U.S. or Canada).
  • What happens if you have a friend or relative have a medical crisis while visiting you in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Updated information on healthcare, benefits or grants information.
  • Wishing you could find the info you need - without hanging on the phone over an hour to talk to someone.


How We Support Companies and Government:

  • We work with Corporations who hire key or essential employees who travel on corporate business, such as job-shoppers and sales or management, engineering firms, journalists, manufacturing companies, media and journalists,  military and government employees. We can "help" keep employees "cognitively grounded" while going through an emotional roller-coaster experience. While each employee is different in their reaction to crisis situations, our service  may likely help the employee to return to productive employment "sooner."





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