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"Healthcare Risk Mitigation" for Professionals with Aging Parents & Special Needs Siblings

Earn $25* US by Partipating in Health Insurance Research Study

See blog post:

AMERICANS  Citizens and Residents - Located anywhere in the United States: If you meet these criteria, you have $25* US waiting for you for completing a short research study questionnaire.

You must meet certain criteria to qualify to participate:

You bought insurance through: A)  Your U.S. state exchange, B), C) Through a broker, or D) Directly through a health plan like Oscar or Kaiser.

You don't receive your health insurance through an employer.

You currently have ACTIVE  health insurance.

You are not on Medicaid, Medicare, or VA health insurance.

You are not a student receiving your health insurance through your school/university.

Our blog post gives more details and disclosures. You not only can get paid yourself, but if you refer other qualified people, you are also paid.

Research Study will run about 18 months - it is conducted by Impact Health.

New Free FaceBook Global Support Forum for Healthcare Case Managers and Caregivers

New free global support forum group  for healthcare case managers and caregivers opened May 3, 2017. See blog post of May 4, 2017 for details.

 Crisis Coaching "Healthcare Listening Tour" - 2017

Crisis Coaching launches "Healthcare Listening Tour" - meeting with professionals, military; medical, legal and insurance industries, as well as seniors, elderly, and immigrants - listening for "gaps in services" and "what healthcare and social services" are needed to better help families with aging parents, parents with disabilities, and adult special needs siblings who may have to change caregivers / case managers from a parent to a sibling.

If you are interested in a sponsorship role to help bring the tour to your city, or area, please contact our office at: 805-206-2668 (relays to our Marketing Intake Contact).

Research from the "town hall meetings" to be used for documentary on "Aging in America" - Emerging Crisis for  American Business - the Impact of  Workers Leaving to be Crisis Caregivers.

New Video Series to Help Caregivers

Crisis Coaching will launch new series of "quick tips for Caregivers" to help address creating an exit plan from caregiving in order to help Caregivers either resource more supports and benefits, or replace themselves as caregivers.

The average length of time for caregiving "per person" is five years. This length of time can wreck havoc with someone's career or job stability, often forcing someone to quit a job, destabilize financial assets, and possibly even bring on health problems due to increased stress. It creates a domino effect. Not only is the caregiver affected, oftentimes spouses or significant others, minor and adult children of the caregiver, as well as even family pets experience the increased stress level.

Mom or Dad, who "never wanted to become a burden on their adult child" often become just that. Aging in Place works for some families, but for most families at some point usually the elderly person, or person with severe disabilities for their own safety and well-being needs to move into adult residential care.

There is such a gap between what government benefits (Medicare, SSA / SSI, and VA and state) will cover that there is an illusion being sold that seniors and elderly can and should Age in Place in their own home. Yes, it is less expensive - sometimes - but is it as safe? Oftentimes aging adults that have alarm buttons on them will not "push the button" even if he/ she falls "because he/ she does not want to 'bother someone.'"  With an adult residential facility, someone is checking on the residents frequently. Having live in help, now requiring three shifts per day, can average $18-24/ hour and / or up to $12,000 / month US. Many adult residential care facilities can provide top level services starting at $3800/ month.

The new video series will provide tips on everything from legal, insurance, hospitalization, healthcare, adult residential care, estate planning and settlement, cross-border issues, and more.

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